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Police Python 357 (1976)

Dir: Alain Corneau - Cast: Yves Montand, Simone Signoret, Stefania Sandrelli, François Périer, Mathieu Carrière, Serge Marquand, Vadim Glowna
The movie’s title (a reference to the weapon used by Montand, a Colt Python 357) could suggest that this is just another Dirty Harry clone, and yes there are a few similarities, but this is definitely another type of movie. It's not an action movie (in spite of a brutally violent finale) but rather a suspense yarn playing with genre conventions. One of the conventions of the suspense genre is that we do NOT know what’s going on until the detective of service reveals us the identity of the killer. In Police Python we know more than any of the characters involved, including the police inspector investigating the case: we know what’s going on and who was responsible for what. But this doesn't hurt the suspense. Quite on the contrary: the movie is edge-of-your-seat material from beginning to end.

Montand is Marc Ferret, a s…