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Escape from L.A.

A sequel to the 1981 fantasy thriller Escape from New York: director John Carpenter and producer Debra Hill are re-united, and it also brings back Kurt Russel as everybody’s favorite wacko hero Snake Plissken. In the first movie, the US president crash-landed in a Manhatten that had become an open air prison, surrounded by thick walls, and it was up to Snake Plissken to save him. The sequel uses a similar premise.

L.A. has finally suffered 'the big one', the earthquake everybody feared and the city has been cut off from the mainland. The new president of the US wants the country to be as clean as a whistle (even smoking a cigarette is punishable) and therefore uses 'Los Angeles Island’ as an open air prison for all those have comitted a 'moral crime’. The presidents daughter has joined the resistance - led by a Che Gueverra lookalike - and has taken daddy’s doomsday machine with her, so the situation is critical. Snake is sent to L.A. to save the world, or at least th…